Welcome to thepsrg.org!

Welcome to thepsrg.org!

The Public Space Research Group just had an extreme makeover!

With a new logo, new website and new members, the team of researchers is ready to analyze the most pressing social issues surrounding public spaces.

The website showcases the projects that the PSRG has worked on in the past 21 years, which can be seen in the Projects section.

The About section offers some information about the scope of the PSRG, its methods, and also introduces the members of the group in the “Our Team” section, in which you will get to know each one of us with more detail. You will also see links to follow each one of the members on their active social media. Don’t forget to follow @thepsrg on Twitter and like our page on Facebook!

There is a section on Events, in which we will advertise brown bag talks and conferences organized by us or in which we are intending to participate.

The PSRG also created a new Google Group, which will be used as a mailing list for PSRG members to share information of interest about public space. You can sign up for this group using the “Subscribe” button on the top right corner of the website, or clicking here.

Finally, it is pertinent to say that the website is a work in progress, and that we will be incorporating more functionalities in the course of the coming weeks.

Stay tuned, and thank your visit to our new portal to the world!


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