Why context matters (Javier Otero Peña)

Why context matters (Javier Otero Peña)

Javier Otero Peña‘s dissertation consists of three articles related to how contextual factors affect park use, urban environmental justice and place attachment. The first proposed article is an analysis of contextual elements related to park use at both the neighborhood (objective) level and the individual (self-reported/perceived) level, and how they affect park use. The second proposed article is an ethnography of parks renovated in low-income gentrifying neighborhoods, from an urban environmental justice perspective. This article seeks to flesh out the feelings towards renovations and neighborhood change itself, with an emphasis on procedural and interactional justice, and on identifying potential contradictory emotions that might arise when a renovation occurs in a changing neighborhood. The third proposed article is an exploration of the impact of park renovations on attachment to the park and to the neighborhood, and also, new technology-based methods to identify place attachment using a sentiment analysis of tweets.


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