Chantal Gailloux

Chantal Gailloux

Student of the PhD program in Sociology and Anthropology at Concordia University (Montreal, Canada)

Chantal Gailloux is currently doing her doctorate fieldwork on the eviction of gardens located on city-owned land in East Harlem due to the affordable housing plan in New York City. She examines, through a multi-sited ethnography, the property relations and the political practices among the gardens and their negotiation with the city officials through this conflictive process of urban commoning.

She successfully completed her first comprehensive exam entitled: “(De)colonizing Food: The Transformation of Food Regimes Through History – The Cases of the Caribbean Sugar and the Indian Wheat and Cotton.” Her second comprehensive exam focuses on the historical conflict of urban agriculture over the urban space to explore urban agriculture’s co-constitutive reformist and radical potentials in the United States over the twentieth century.

Recipient of Joseph-Armand Bombardier Graduate Scholarships Program for Doctoral Scholarship from Canada Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (2014-2017), she works under the supervision of Kregg Hetherington, associate professor of Anthropology, and with Beverly Best, and Katja Neves as part of her provisional committee.

Research interests: Food Politics, Urban Agriculture, Gentrification, Race, Public Space and Place, Property Relations, Urban Commons, Food Democracy

Tenure: 2016 – Present

Additional Information:

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