Troy Simpson

Troy Simpson

Student of the PhD program in Environmental Psychology at the Graduate Center, City University of New York

Troy Simpson is a doctoral candidate in the in the Environmental Psychology program at the Graduate Center, CUNY. He is a research associate at the Public Space Research Group and a founding member of the User Design Information Group, research sub-groups of the Center for Human Environments. His research interests include human-environment relationships, largely in the contexts of sustainability initiatives and public space, as well as the application of social science research methods to design processes. Troy’s dissertation work focuses on the digital technification of public spaces. Previously, he conducted research at the Center for Research on Environmental Decisions at Columbia University’s Earth Institute, and he worked as a green building and policy advisor in the non-profit environmental sector. Troy is a LEED-Accredited Professional and holds a BS in psychology and political science from Santa Clara University and a MA from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

Research Interests: Smart cities, urban sustainability, design, place making

Tenure: 2016 – present

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