Social Distancing in Manhattan by Melanie Lefkowitz

Social Distancing in Manhattan by Melanie Lefkowitz

Where I live, on the Upper West side of Manhattan it is relatively quiet now, but there are some people outside.  About 90 percent are wearing masks, everyone is social distancing.  There are some stores and markets open as well as a few restaurants offering take out and delivery.

This picture was taken in Riverside Park around 89th street.

People are clearly enjoying the park, but it is not too crowded and everyone is able to keep to themselves. There are little kids on scooters, a few people jogging but mostly people just walking around.

It’s a great place to get out of your apartment and get some fresh air while still social distancing, although I imagine once it gets warmer out, the crowds will grow larger.

Melanie Lefkowitz, CNN producer


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