Invitation to Submit to Public Space During Social Distancing

Invitation to Submit to Public Space During Social Distancing

In an effort to stay connected and share experiences from around the world, we’re inviting you to send us your observations of public social life in the era of social distancing. While we need to be staying indoors and practicing sheltering-in-place, there may be necessary moments when we need to venture out for food, supplies, and basic exercise. Or you may be able to observe public life right outside you window.  Please feel frcee to reflect upon these moments and share with us what your public spaces and daily lives are like right now.  You can email your observations and commentaries to or  with “Public Life During Social Distancing” in the subject line and we’ll post them to the our website under a new COVID-news tag we created. Each time we post one to the website a link to it will be automatically tweeted (@thepsrg) by the PSRG. If you haven’t subscribed to our google group, there is a subscribe link on our website.

We thank you for considering this way of keeping in touch and hope you are safe and healthy and, when the time is right, able to reunite with your favorite public space. In the meantime, we can engage with each other and public space virtually.

Best, Setha, Erin and Javier (part of the PSRG team)


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